Orange County Chapter

Program, April 2005

Gentoo Install

Monday, April 11, 7-9 pm

Ralf has made available copies of his slides and a link to a short installation howto.

A common cry on LUG mailing lists is the difficulty of installing Gentoo. At the April meeting of UUASC-OC, we are going to experience the often-criticized process, as UUASC's own Linux enthusiast Ralf Pieper will demonstrate an installation from beginning to end. In the interest of time, Ralf will use a customized script to make the install faster and less error prone.

Once he kicks off the install, Ralf will turn his attention to teaching us about Gentoo, a Linux distribution configurable to keep systems automatically updated with the latest packages. He will answer questions from the audience until the system is ready is to be pulled from the oven, and at which time, he will show us what a fully installed system looks like.

Ralf says it is both ambitious and dangerous to install Gentoo in front of an audience, but he has successfully performed numerous installs so he feels confident with us.

Ralf has more than 20 years of experience in programming and electronics, and has worked extensively configuring networks for multiple consulting clients. Multi-lingual, he will be fielding questions during the install in English, Spanish, German, and French.

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