Orange County Chapter

Program, February 2005

Preventing DDoS Attacks - BSD Style

Monday, February 7, 7-9 pm

UUASC recently held a presentation on denial of service which centered around Solaris, Linux, and attacks. We will now offer a follow-up, only this time with a taste of FreeBSD and a focus on prevention.

At the February meeting of UUASC-OC, UUASC's own Avleen Vig, who was part of the BSD panel at the Los Angeles chapter back in February 2003, will share with us his papers recently published on the O'Reilly Network. Av will tell us how to investigate denial of service attacks, and demonstrate for us how to effectively manage them using FreeBSD systems.

Av works as a systems administrator for Earthlink, often in the most G-d awful hours of the night.

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