Orange County Chapter

Program, November 2003

Network Vulnerability Assessment Using Nessus

Monday, November 10, 7-9 pm

Nick has provided a copy of his slides.

How vulnerable is your network? Do you even know? Are you interested in a vulnerability assessment tool that:

At the November UUASC-OC meeting, member Nicholas Bernstein will share his expertise with this tool. Please join us as we explore how Nessus can protect your network.

Nicholas Bernstein is currently employed as a UNIX/Network Administrator at Document Systems Inc. (docmagic.com) in Carson, CA. and offers Information Security Consulting (viewpoint-security.com) specializing in vulnerability assessments, security policies, and secure network design. Nick has served as a general unix/network admin, security consultant, and senior UNIX admin at a large east coast ISP. He has been an active member of the UUASC mailing list for about two years. He has been using nessus since 1998-99 and has found it to be a very valuable tool in securing various hosts and networks.

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