Orange County Chapter

Program, January 2003


Monday, January 13, 7-9 pm

Kerberos is the industrial-strength authentication system originally developed at MIT and now available for every major operating system. It provides enterprise-scalable single sign-on, including a wide variety of ready-to-deploy clients, such as encrypted telnet, file sharing, windowing system sessions, instant messaging, email MUAs, and databases. Something that Linux, *BSD, Oracle, Apple, MIT, and Microsoft can all agree upon. It's not magic, it's Kerberos!

At our January meeting, UUASC member Mark Mellis of SystemExperts Corporation will present the practical aspects of setting up a Kerberos realm composed of freeware and commercial operating systems. Mark will teach us how to tweak the proper config files on each of a multitude of UNIX flavors.

Mark works as a senior IP networking and Internet security consulant. Prior to that, he worked as a software developer concentrating on release engineering, "userland" code, and device drivers for UNIX ports for Ridge Computers, MIPS, Stratus Computers, Sony, and NCD.

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