Orange County Chapter

Program, October 2002


Monday, October 14, 7-9 pm

Kevin has placed the notes from this presentation on his web site.

What will you do if your UNIX systems require Windows clients and applications? Many experts suggest that SAMBA is the solution, but how does it work?

At the party, UUASC's own resident cross-platform expert, Kevin Long, will demonstrate how to make SAMBA sing and dance in an encore presentation to the program he provided to UUASC back in 1998, Only this time, SAMBA comes with full NT/W2K Primary Domain Controller support, and beta quality NT printer support.

Kevin will provide a real live demonstration by setting up a SAMBA server that provides WINS, DHCP, DNS, and printer services. It will be a domain controller for a 9x and a W2K box.

Kevin has managed SAMBA for five years on a UNIX/Windows network, and was a contributing writer to "SAMBA UNLEASHED".

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