Orange County Chapter

Program, September 2002

SANE, Scanning with UNIX

Monday, September 9, 7-9 pm

The outline of this presentation is on-line. A video of the presentation can be viewed with RealPlayer.

Connecting most scanners and many cameras to a UNIX system is fairly easy using the SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) software package. Using SANE allows the user the choice of several user interface programs, some of which can operate as a plug-in to other packages like the GIMP. It is also possible to access and operate a scanner or camera through the network.

At the UUASC OC meeting, member Dave Close will present an overview of SANE, both how to use it and how it works internally. Dave has spent most of the last year developing scanner device drivers and SANE interfaces for some unusual scanners at DreamWorks. He may also tell us a bit about working in "Hollywood".

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