Orange County Chapter

Program, February 2002

High Availability

Monday, February 11, 7-9 pm

Ron has put the slides from this presentation on-line.

What is High Availability and what is its role in your world? Member Ron Petty works for Vision Solutions in Irvine. They focus on High Availability solutions for UNIX/OS400/Windows. Ron will explain the current status of High Availability and basic clustering/data base replication and the road to the future. He plans to focus on UNIX software-based HA programs, and non-Sun solutions.

Some areas to be discussed are the five 9s, Reiser FS, ext, some Solaris logging, Veritas FS, Linux HA, heartbeating, and architecture in general of a HA network.

Ron's personal experience with HA is his work at Vision Solutions, He is working on their UNIX solutions to allow HA and mirroring on UNIX machines and other architectures.

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