Program, October 2001


Monday, October 8, 7-9 pm

Dallas has put the slides from this presentation on-line.

At the October UUASC OC meeting, member Dallas Legan will present a talk on Forth, a relatively uncommon programming language. Dallas will try to put Forth in perspective in the evolution of modern programming languages.

Forth is one of the few interpreted languages used primarily in embedded and automatic control applications. It was rumored to have been used in early Hayes modems: the "OK" prompt is characteristic of Forth. Forth is used in the ROM monitors for Sparc and PowerPC systems, is the basis for the *BSD boot loader, and was an influence in the development of PostScript.

Dallas will try to cover the basics of the language so that you will not feel lost or disoriented if you meet the FCode 'OK' pronpt. There are several Forth interpreters available for most versions of UNIX and Linux, possibly more than any other language. Your knowledge of any of these, or of specific uses like the ROM monitors, will be a welcome contribution to the presentation.

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