Program, September 2001


Monday, September 10, 7-9 pm

Dallas has put the slides from this presentation on-line.

At the September UUASC OC meeting, member Dallas Legan will present a talk on Kermit, the data communication program from Columbia University. He plans to cover the Kermit file transfer protocol and the C-Kermit (and derivatives) scripting language. Dallas said, "You might summarize C-Kermit as a general 'telecommunications shell'. It is comparable to SQL or EMACS as a powerful, special purpose tool."

This is the first in a series of talks Mr. Legan is preparing to do (next month may be a continuation of this talk).

The UUASC OC Chapter has a new president, Ron Petty. Speaking of this meeting, Ron said, "This is also a watershed in the UUASC OC chapter, as this is my first meeting under my tenure. I have procurred restrooms, water and vending machines from Printronix (thank you Scott of Printronix for the room). I may bring donuts and coffee in spite of the LA chapter flaming the validity of donuts at a gathering of geeks. :)

"I welcome one and all in hopes of turning the OC chapter into the 600-lb gorilla of Southern California UNIX Groups."

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