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This list is for announcement of jobs potentially of interest to members and friends of the UNIX Users Association of Southern California (UUASC).

Anyone may post announcements to this list, even persons who are not members of the UUASC or subscribers to this list. Posts must have a subject line beginning with the word "UUASC"; that word will be deleted before the post is relayed to subscribers, but any post without it will be discarded unseen. Postings are moderated and will be rejected if, in the opinion of the moderator, they are not germane to the purpose of this list. Announcements are not germane if they do not describe jobs related to Unix located in southern California. Postings will also be rejected if they are repeated too frequently, are too vague, or contain HTML.

Please DO NOT subscribe to this list just because you want to post an announcement to it. That is NOT necessary.

Please make all postings plain ASCII text. To save time for both members and employers, UUASC encourages (but does not require) all job posters to include a salary range in their announcements. The moderator will normally approve or reject postings within a business day. Mail to the list will automatically be identified with a special prefix on the subject line.

Also see the UUASC Web site at http://www.UUASC.org/.

For questions requiring a non-automated reply, send mail to info@UUASC.org. To send a message to this mailing list, address it to UUASC-jobs@UUASC.org.

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