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This list is for members and friends of the UNIX Users Association of Southern California (UUASC).

The UUASC is for all persons using UNIX either personally or professionally, or interested in learning more about UNIX. We recognize all varieties of UNIX, including (without prejudice) SCO, Linux, SVr4, Solaris, AIX, and OSF. This is a good place to meet others with similar interests and broaden your skills and knowledge. Generally, meetings include a technical presentation on a hardware or software topic of current interest to the UNIX community and a round-table discussion of current topics of interest to the group.

There are two UUASC chapters serving Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Meeting locations for each chapter are detailed at our web site, http://www.UUASC.org/. Please visit our web site. Reservation or membership is not required to attend a meeting.

There are no dues for membership in the UUASC. The only requirement for membership is an interest in UNIX. Members should subscribe to one (and only one) of the UUASC electronic mailing lists, the announcement-only list (UUASC-announce) or the general discussion list (UUASC), as no snail mail notices are sent. Please DO NOT subscribe to both lists.

This mailing list is not for job announcements. Posting such announcements to this list is grounds for cancellation of a subscription. See our other list, UUASC-jobs@UUASC.org, for posting job announcements.

List subscribers using email boxes with limited storage capacity, such as Yahoo! or HotMail, should be careful to keep up with mail from the list. Such services bounce mail when a mailbox is full. Subscriptions are cancelled when mail bounces for more than a short period of time - for all mailboxes, not just those on such services.

Also see the UUASC Web site at http://www.UUASC.org/.

For questions requiring a non-automated reply, send mail to info@UUASC.org. To send a message to this mailing list, address it to UUASC@UUASC.org. Only subscribers to the list may post messages to it.

The UUASC also maintains a separate mailing list especially for job announcements of interest to it's members. If you wish to receive those messages, you should also subscribe to the UUASC-jobs mailing list. Anyone may post to the UUASC-jobs list, but traffic is moderated.

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